Early Years

Some of the first rugs I hooked from recycled wool

Landscape rug based on a painting by a family member, John Driscoll. Recycled hooked wool.

Based on a painting by a family member, John Driscoll

Rose recycled wool hooked rug

A rug for my mother with a design her friend created

Flower wool hooked rug

Flower Rug

Tree wool hooked rug with cat "Bob"

“Bob” inspects to be sure I did it right

Wool hooked rug with dragonfly design

Dragonfly Rug

Wool hooked rug with dragonfly design and dog "Walker" sitting on top

“Walker” testing it out

Unfortunately, I didn’t start keeping records, written or photographically until later years.
I recommend you do it from the start!

Photograph of geometric wool hooked rug
Photograph of early wool hooked rug for Walter and Jennie

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